Progress Report

Sri Sri Mohanananda Brahmachari Charitable Foundation (MBCF) is an established charity and has been actively working towards the upliftment of the poor and needy.

MBCF are a group of people wno share the vision of making lives better for those=who have little or no opportunity.

MBCF decided the best way to do this was by adopting a village in which they wou=d build a community support centre. The centre would have medical, learning a=d elderly day care facilities.  =he villagers would have free use of all amenities in the centre. Once this sta=e was complete they would then move into the village itself to provide clean water, sanitation and electricity. MBCF’s long term objective is to replicate such community centers in the poor villagers in rural India, with=the aim that they will become self-sufficient.

The first village that MBCF has adopted is Atla Village in Tarapith, Rampurhat, Birbhum, West Bengal, India.

MBCF are secular organizations and have no affinity to any religion, race, colou= or creed. The youth involvement has been actively encouraged and has resulted =n forming a division made up entirely of children who call themselves The Hav=n Heroes.

MBCF projects include :-

  1. Medical centre provides free primary health care.
  2. Learning Centre for children who have no ot=er access to shooling.
  3. Elderly Day Care Centre.
  4. Youth Group : With Gym, Indoor Games, Study Book Library, Computer Centre.
  5. Sewing School for poor Adibasi Women.
  6. Music Class
  7. Tutorial Class
  8. Spoken English Class.
  9. Specialist camps, once a quarter in the year. These are :  Heart Camp, Pediatric Camp,  Gynecological Camp, Diabetes Camp, Health Awareness Camp, Cancer Camp, Cancer Awareness Camp (Out Door) , Orthopedic Camp.
  10. Rural Development Projects :
  • Toilets with Hut for 52 Adibasi families.      
  • 6 Washing Rooms and Drinking water Project wth 2HP submersible Pump and 10000 ltrs. Overhead tank., 
  • 8 Solar Street lights in village lanes.
  • Solar Home Lights for 52 Adibasi families
  • Photograph of the centre :