The year  2008 Yagna  Sri Sri Mahavishnu Mahalakshmi Yagna was performed with  utmost bhakti and shraddha . The Yagna was successfully completed by Sri Sri Guru Maharaj Mohanananda ji’s grace and blessing.   Srimat Kalyanananda Bramhachari Ji’ performed the Yagna .

Sri Badrinathji granted an excellent weather through out  the 4 days of the yagna, it was sunny with brilliant blue sky.  During the Purna Ahuti  ( final obalation) is also  there was slight drizzle signifying blessings and successful completetion of Yagna.

 This yagna is also known as  “ Vishwa Kalyan Yagna” since the purpose of invoking the blessing of Vishan and lakshmi is to bring peace prosperity and harmony in the world.

Hence this yagna assumes great significance in the current state of affairs in the world.

 We are sure that invocation of Sri Sri Vishnu and Lakshmi through this holy yagna will soon help us to overcome the Economic problem as well as bring peace and put an end to terror and strife.

 With Guru Maharaj ji’s  grace, and Kalyananandaji’s   tireless efforts  coupled with deep passion for bringing Kalyan among mankind  the Yagna 2008 was successfully completed.

 Preparation are on for the year 2009 yagna, all and one are being requested to try and plan to participate in the Yagna in the coming year’s yagna.

 The photographs of this year’s Yagna is being put up so as to give you glimpse  of the event.

 The dates of the next year s Yagna will be shortly put up on this website.



“All beings are evolved from food; production of food is dependent on rain; rain ensues from yagna, and yagna is rooted in prescribed action. Know that prescribed action has its origin in the vedas, and the vedas proceed from the Indestructible (God); hence the all pervading Infinite is always present in Yagna.”

The above sloka from Srimat Bhagabad Gita, gives the perspective on the necessity and purpose of a Yagna . This is what the ancient Rishi's of the Vedic age believed in and the same is endorsed by the god-head Sri Krishna himself in the Gita.

In keeping with with the Vedic tradition and spirit Gurudev Shri Shri Mohanananda Bramhachari Maharaj instituted and himself performed Sri Sri Mahavishnu, Mahalakshmi Yagna for more than 20 years. This yagna that he performed is also known as “Vishwa Kalyan yagna” since the purpose of this Yagna is to seek welfare of the entire humanity, cutting across caste, creed, religion and nationality. The purpose is also to seek protection and sustenance of the Nature, animals & birds and the mother Earth.

The invocation of the divine is best done through the medium of Fire or Yagni as its said that Yagni is symbolic representation of the Mouth of the divine.

Gurumaharaj had chosen the holy pilgrimage centre of Sri Badrinath dham as the place for performing the Yagna as this is the Vishnu khetra and most importantly this is the highest place for performing Sadhana ( spiritual practice ), Narayan himself practiced his Sadhana and Sri Krishna had is initiation ( diksha) in this holy place. The difficult terrain of the land and the ardous journey one has to undertake to reach this holy place perhaps makes this a preferred choice for the Muni's & Rishi's…. It is said that any Yagna or Sadhana performed in Sri Badrinath dham results in getting the grace of Sri Narayan comparatively quicker than other holy centre's. The natural environs of Badrinath in between the Nar and Narayan mountains with the Nilkantha peak overlooking the valley gives the environment a divine setting.

Gurumaharaji performed the Yagna till his last years even when he was well passed 90 . For him welfare and well being of the humanity was of utmost importance and for this purpose he was always prepared to undertake the arduous journey and Strain even when his health was not keeping well.

In keeping with his Guru's spirit and wishes Srimat Kalyanananda Brmahachari had the divine inspiration of performing the Yagna at Badrinath dham. His strength of divine blessing and Gurumaharji's constant guidance in his astral form enabled the Yagna to be restarted and performed with divine success in Sept 2007 inspite of number of obstacles .

This year the Sri Sri Mahavishnu , Mahalakshmi Yagna will be performed at Sri Badrinath Dham between 12 -15 th Sept 2008.

Guru Maharaji's devotee's and bhakta's in general are welcome to participate in the event and experience the divine presence of Guru Maharaji and be bestowed with grace and kripa of Sri Vishnu and Sri lakshmi .